Account Charge - What is it?

     The Account Charge is an important revenue source to the District.  Years ago, the District assessed a minimum charge to all customers.  This minimum provided a certain amount of water at a set price.  Any amount over the minimum amount allowed was billed at an additional rate.  The minimum charge was discontinued because those that were using less than the allowance were actually paying a higher per-thousand-gallon cost.  The Water Commissioners then decided on the account charge to be billed to every account connected to the water distribution system.

     This was based on the fact that property owners receive fire protection year-round.  Even if there was no domestic water use, the water mains, fire hydrants, pumping stations and water tanks is the infrastructure that provides that protection.  In fact, this was the primary reason the District was created by the citizens of Dennis back in 1945.  Regardless of how much water they use, if any, and the Water Commissioners took that into consideration in determining the structure of the water rates. 

     The Account Charge is assessed every six months to every customer who has access to a water service, regardless of the amount of water used, if any.  It is not a penalty, fine or surcharge.  It is a means of equitably distributing a portion of the costs of developing and maintaining the District’s water system for the benefit of all Dennis businesses and residents.

     The semi-annual rate is $48 which is essentially $8 per month.